13 to Life


Shannon Delany

About this Series

13 to Life is a bestselling young adult paranormal romance series set in the small town of Junction. Teenager Jessica Gillmansen, one of Junction High’s best school journalists, discovers a frightening truth: that werewolves exist and have brought big trouble to small town America. Searching for a new definition of normal after the sudden and tragic loss of her mother, the last thing Jessie wants is to be confronted with more change. But as she unwinds the mystery behind the werewolves and is thrown into increasingly more danger she finds herself falling in love with Pietr Rusakova, a mysterious Russian-American whose very existence is tied up in his extremely changeable nature. With the help of her friends and his family they battle powerful foes, redefine “normal” and question their definitions of what makes a man and what makes a monster.


About the Author

About the Author