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Grimm City

Forget about once upon a time... 


Completely unsanitized and intensely visceral, these are the tales of the Brothers Grimm as you've never known them before. 


Built on top of the gates of Hell, Grimm City is the Devil's capital on Earth. A place where every coffee shop, nightclub or shopping mall can become the potential hunting ground for any of the supernatural entities that inhabit the Grimm City world. Demons, Zombies, Ghosts, Ghouls, Werewolves, Wraiths, Witches, Warlocks, the Devil, Death, St. Peter, the Angels, even God himself - all of them have a role to play as the Grimm City saga progresses, breaking down the barriers between Heaven, Earth and Hell until all of existence is plunged into the depths of an apocalyptic, Jungian nightmare. 


Combining the classic structure of folk tales with the disturbing atmosphere of post-punk horror-noir, the Grimm City series is based not only upon the well known fairytales of the Brothers Grimm, but also upon their "unknown" legends and essays. This makes the Grimm City series the very first series ever to be based upon the entire Brothers Grimm canon. 


  • Death's Apprentice
    • Death's Apprentice

    • Grimm City (Volume 1)
      K. W. Jeter & Gareth Jefferson Jones
      St. Martin's Press

    • Death's seventeen-year-old apprentice must learn to stand on his own as he leads an uprising against the Devil

      Forget about Once Upon a Time . . .

      Built on top...

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      • eBook

K. W. Jeter

K. W. JETER is the international and New York Times bestselling author of science fiction novels including Farewell HorizontalDeath Arms and Madlands, horror/thrillers including The Night ManSoul Eater and Dark Seeker, and media tie-ins including the Star Wars: Bounty Hunter Wars trilogy and the authorized Blade Runner book sequels The Edge of Human and Replicant Night. After living in both England and Spain, he currently resides in San Francisco, California.

Gareth Jefferson Jones

Gareth Jefferson Jones became a writer after enjoying a successful career as an actor. For the last twenty years he has lived in Germany, where he has worked as a screenwriter, a documentary maker, and a story editor for TV. Death’s Apprentice is his literary debut.

Sandra Wildemann