The Tempest Trilogy


Julie Cross

About this Series

Time has never been on Jackson Meyer’s side. But after he discovers his ability to move through time, after he opens a portal to a world of others like him, he can never return to a life that knows only one linear universe. He’ll never again be the guy who waited too long to tell a girl how he feels. Instead, he’s facing a war against time, a war his surrogate father has been fighting for years, a war that began hundreds of years in the future and is now circling back to the year 2009.  A war he’s pre-destined to end. Or die trying.


Watching his girlfriend, Holly, bleed to death and then launching himself into an alternate universe two years in the past ignites Jackson’s journey, sending him back and forth between two worlds—one in which he’s a janitor in love with a girl named Holly who isn’t supposed to meet him for two more years, and another where he’s a highly trained CIA agent working for a division that specializes in hunting down time travelers who are attempting to alter the future through unethical methods. And their damage is nothing in comparison to the horrible mess that will come from the universe Jackson, himself, created.


About the Author

About the Author