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Alexander the Great

Author Judith Tarr weaves legends into an intensely romantic fantasy series set in ancient Greece and Macedon.

Alexander the Great ruled the greatest Empire of the ancient world, but he was ruled by his mother, called Olympias. There are as many legends about this powerful Queen as there are of her famous son, and the stories began long before she even met Philip of Macedon.

  • Bring Down the Sun
    • Bring Down the Sun

    • Alexander the Great (Volume 2)
      Judith Tarr

    • In this intensely romantic fantasy, a beautiful Priestess of the Goddess, sister to the Queen of Epiros, is compelled by her destiny to seek out and wed the most powerful man of the times, King Philip of Macedon. She will become a figure of legend, and their son, Alexander, will rule the world.

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Judith Tarr

Judith Tarr is the author of more than twenty widely praised novels, including The Throne of Isis, White Mare's Daughter, and Queen of Swords, as well as five previous volumes in the Avaryan Chronicles: The Hall of the Mountain King, The Lady of Han-Gilen and A Fall of Princes (collected in one volume as Avaryan Rising), Arrows of the Sun, and Spear of Heaven. A graduate of Yale and Cambridge University, Judith Tarr holds degrees in ancient and medieval history, and breeds Lipizzan horses at Dancing Horse Farm, her home in Vail, Arizona.

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