A Unicorn Named Sparkle


Amy Young

About this Series

Author and artist Amy Young’s A Unicorn Named Sparkle picture book series for young readers are beautifully illustrated stories of friendship and love.

For little Lucy, twenty-five cents for a unicorn is a bargain. But the mail order creature is not exactly the magnificent, magical animal she expected. The long-eared, short-horned, smelly, flea-bitten creature may not be the unicorn she wanted, but he might just be the one she needs.

“The pencil, pen, and watercolor illustrations, done in a simple, loose style, offer expressive, playful character poses. And Young hits all the visual beats, creating something likable and appealing…A tale about coming to love someone—or something—for who they are and not what one hopes them to be: a pleasant addition to the odd-couple shelf.”—Kirkus Reviews

About the Author

About the Author