Buckle and Squash


Sarah Courtauld

About this Series

Once upon a time, on the Old Tumbledown Farm, in the Middle of Nowhere, in the Forgotten Corner of the Kingdom, deep in the realm of Squerb, two young girls dream of their destinies. Lavender knows that her destiny is to become a fairy-tale princess and is almost certainly going to feature a handsome prince. Eliza is having none of that&mdashher destiny involves battling dragons and giants, vanquishing monsters, and solving mysteries.

Yet, Lavender and Eliza find many obstacles in their way to fulfilling their destinies, including things from encounters with evil counts to duels with dastardly dragons to ghastly gargantuan giants. Prepare to become a chuckling, chortling, cackling kook as you follow Lavender, Eliza, and their faithful sock-eating goat, Gertrude, in Buckle and Squash, an illustrated series of funny adventures for fun-loving early readers from author Sarah Courtauld.

Praise for Buckle and Squash:

“This cross between a fractured fairy tale and any of Roald Dahl’s zany adventures is the first installment in the “Buckle and Squash” series. Witty writing combined with a cast of characters that are as ridiculous as they are memorable-rendered in black-and-white drawings throughout-makes for … a fun read for chapter book and younger middle grade readers.” -School Library Journal on Buckle and Squash: The Perilous Princess Plot

“Absurdity reigns in Courtauld’s boisterous, logic-warping fantasy … Abundant wordplay, sarcastic footnotes, and a slew of out-of-left-field jokes make this book ideal for fans of Dav Pilkey, Andy Griffiths, or Lois Lowry’s The Willoughbys.” -Publishers Weekly on Buckle and Squash: The Perilous Princess Plot

“This mixed-up fairy tale has everything readers could want, including adventure, danger, and a cantankerous goat….Just right for readers who like their princess stories with a large dose of humor.” -Booklist on The Perilous Princess Plot

“This gleefully absurd British import packs both witty wordplay and potty humor…. Fans of Captain Underpants may find that fairy-tale send-ups can be just as giggle-inducing as superhero satire.” -BCCB on The Perilous Princess Plot

About the Author

About the Author