Class Mom


Laurie Gelman

About this Series

Laurie Gelman’s hilarious, irrelevant Class Mom novels tell the story of Jen Dixon, a kindergarten teacher living in Kansas City, with two college-age daughters and a toddler son, all from different fathers. Equipped with her ferocious charm and guile, Dixon says the things all moms really think, and manages to get away with it—mostly. In the well-received debut, readers meet Jen’s unconventional family and laugh-out-loud as she tries to navigate the surprisingly difficult terrain of parental politics; the series continues with You’ve Been Volunteered.

“Much as Upton Sinclair’s ‘The Jungle’ exposed the seedy underside of the meatpacking industry, ‘Class Mom’ exposes the underside of room parenting…But, unlike ‘The Jungle,’ Gelman’s novel gives readers a lot to laugh about, including some very, very funny emails.” The New York Times

About the Author

About the Author