Steven Brust

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The Dragaera series, set in the same fantasy world of Steven Brust’s bestselling “Vlad Taltos” novels!

From the vaults of Dragaeran history, Brokedown Palace tells of the four brothers who once ruled in Fenario, far to the East of the Dragaeran Empire. With The Baron of Magister Valley, (an imaginative retelling of Dumas’s classic The Count of Monte Cristo), readers will delight in Brust’s tale of a nobleman’s trust being betrayed, leading to his imprisonment. After centuries of confinement, he manages to escape and seek revenge.

“Delightful, exciting and sometimes brilliant, Steven Brust is the latest in a line of great Hungarian writers, which (I have no doubt) includes Alexandre Dumas, C. S. Forester, Mark Twain, and the author of the juiciest bits of the Old Testament.” —Neil Gaiman on Steven Brust

About the Author

About the Author