Eddie Harkins


Ed Ruggero

About this Series

Former U.S. Army officer Ed Ruggero brings authenticity and action to this series of thrilling historical mysteries set in the midst of World War II.

As the Americans arrive in Europe to join the Second World War, a tough Philadelphia beat cop turned Military Police officer, Eddie Harkins, is dispatched to investigate crimes behind friendly lines. Solving a murder in the middle of a war is a challenge for the inexperienced lieutenant, but such extraordinary times call for ordinary people to seek justice even when death is a daily reality.


“Whether your interests lie in a well-wrought mystery, a classic cop story, historical settings or first-rate military fiction, this thoroughly enjoyable novel set during World War II checks the block. Great pacing, compelling characters, solid research and a fiendishly clever plot add up to non-stop reading excitement.” —Ralph Peters, author of Cain at Gettysburg and Judgment at Appomattox

About the Author

About the Author