Hello Ruby


Linda Liukas

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“Writing software is about expression, creativity, and practical application. Our kids should learn to bend, join, break and combine code in a way it wasn’t designed to. Just as they would with crayons and paper or wood and tools. I believe there’s plenty to learn in programming logic and culture before showing children a single screen.” &mdashLinda Liukas author of Hello Ruby

Meet Ruby&mdasha small girl with a huge imagination, and the determination to solve any puzzle. As Ruby stomps around her world making new friends, including the Messy Robots, the Wise Snow Leopard, and a computer Mouse, kids will be introduced to the basic parts of the computer and the fundamentals of computational thinking, like how to break big problems into small ones, create step-by-step plans, look for patterns and think outside the box through storytelling. Then, these basic concepts at the core of coding and programming will be reinforced through fun playful exercises and activities that encourage exploration and creativity.

In Ruby’s world anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

Praise for Hello Ruby:

“Hello Ruby is way more than a children’s book.” -Fast Company

“Getting girls into programming, one children’s book at a time.” -TechCrunch

“Hello Ruby
by Linda Liukas is half picture book and half activity book rolled into one adorable package. What I love about it is that it introduces programming without requiring a computer at all. The point of the book isn’t to teach you a programming language, but programming concepts.” -GeekMom.com

“[Linda Liukas] wants kids to understand and embrace basic computer logic so that they later formulate code in the same effortless and creative way they build structures with LEGO.” -The Wall Street Journal

About the Author

About the Author