Kingfisher Knowledge


Miranda Smith, Philip Steele, Nigel Marven, James Robinson, Richard Walker, Margaret Hynes, Andrew Langley, Richard Platt, Moira Butterfield, David Burnie, Tony Juniper, Barbara Taylor, Trevor Barnes, Tony Robinson, Jonathan S. Adelstein, John Malam, Angela Wilkes, Simon Adams, Carole Stott, Peter C. Doherty, Clive Gifford, Dame Stella Rimington, Steve Jones

About this Series

Packed with facts and full-color photographs, Kingfisher Knowledge books are excellent introductions to fascinating subjects.

Books in This Series


By John Malam; Dr. Gerald Conlogue; Dr. Ronald Beckett

Kingfisher Knowledge: Genes and DNA

By Richard Walker; Steve Jones


By Clive Gifford; Dame Stella Rimington

Kingfisher Knowledge: Microscopic Life

By Richard Walker; Peter C. Doherty

Life in Ancient Rome

By Simon Adams


By James Robinson

Castles and Forts

By Simon Adams

Dangerous Creatures

By Angela Wilkes; Foreward by Steve Leonard


By Richard Platt; Jonathan S. Adelstein


By Trevor Barnes; Tony Robinson

Animal Giants

By Barbara Taylor; Forward by Kathryn S. Fuller

Kingfisher Knowledge: Endangered Planet

By David Burnie; Tony Juniper

Kingfisher Knowledge: Epidemics and Plagues

By Richard Walker; Forward by Denise Grady

Kingfisher Knowledge: Sharks

By by Miranda Smith

About the Author

About the Author