Nathan Heller


Max Allan Collins

About this Series

As president of Chicago’s A-1 Detective Agency, Nathan Heller has seen some grade-A corruption in his time. Working movie stars, mob bosses, and presidents directs Heller to some of the biggest national secrets and scandals of U.S. history. Heller’s reputation is well known and well deserved. From Amelia Earhart’s disappearance to Huey Long’s assassination, and the Lindberg kidnapping. Marilyn Monroe hired him shortly before her death, and spurred on by his belief that the icon was murdered, Heller launched his own investigation. And now only years later, he is sucked into a secret plot to assassinate the 35th president of the United States: JFK.

Well researched, and sharply written, the Nathan Heller mysteries are classic hard-boiled, true-crime detective novels. Heller, an active witness to history, investigates these crimes and presents readers with hitherto unsuspected truths about very public events we all thought we knew.

About the Author

About the Author