Miranda Smith, Philip Steele, David Burnie, Claire Llewellyn, Peter Chrisp, Margaret Hynes, Andrew Langley, Peter Kent, Barbara Taylor, Steve Stone, Alex Pang, Dr. Mike Goldsmith

About this Series

Navigate your way through a fantastic range of subjects with this visually spectacular nonfiction series. Every spread is brimming with lively text, amazing photographs and art, and web links and quotes. Panels throughout offer focused information on specific topics.

Books in This Series

Navigators: Stars and Planets

By Mike Goldsmith, illustrated by Steve Stone

Navigators: Killer Creatures

By by Claire Llewellyn

Navigators: Stars & Planets

By written by Dr. Mike Goldsmith, illustrated by Chris Moore

Navigators: Human Body

By Miranda Smith, illustrated by Alex Pang

Navigators: Ancient Rome

By By Philip Steele, illustrated by Steve Stone

Navigators: Planet Earth

By By Barbara Taylor

Navigators: Animals

By by Miranda Smith, illustrated by Peter Bull

Navigators: Oceans and Seas

By by Margaret Hynes

Navigators: Dinosaurs

By by David Burnie

Navigators: Ancient Egypt

By by Miranda Smith

Navigators: Rainforest

By by Andrew Langley

Navigators: Ancient Greece

By by Philip Steele

Navigators: Extreme Weather

By by Margaret Hynes

Navigators: Mammals

By by David Burnie

Navigators: Pirates

By Peter Chrisp

Deadly Creatures

By Claire Llewellyn, David Burnie, and Miranda Smith

Ancient Worlds

By Miranda Smith and Philip Steele

About the Author

About the Author