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Pastor's Aid Club

When three women get fired on the same day—at almost the same time—there’s only one man they know they can go to for help: Reverend Denzelle Flowers of the New Jerusalem Gospel United Church. Three women on his hands is too much, even for a suave man such as the Reverend, so he puts them to work in the newly-formed Pastor’s Aid Club, where they can find a little luck—and a little love—to keep their worries at bay. National bestselling author Michele Andrea Bowen delivers a delightful new series that will have readers clamoring for each installment. On her previous bestseller, More Church Folk, Publishers Weekly claimed “Readers who went to church with Bowen before will be delighted to return and her choir should get bigger.”

  • The Sunday Soul Singles Club
  • Pastor Needs a Boo
    • Pastor Needs a Boo

    • Pastor's Aid Club (Volume 1)
      Michele Andrea Bowen
      St. Martin's Publishing Group

    • Michele Andrea Bowen made a name for herself years ago during the African-American inspirational fiction craze. Now, in Pastor Needs a Boo, she's back with an amazing journey of faith,...

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Michele Andrea Bowen

Michele Andrea Bowen grew up in St. Louis, MO, with a large, church-going family. She graduated from Washington University in St. Louis, and also the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She has worked in Social Work, Public Health, and Education.
Michele became one of the groundbreaking writers in the area of contemporary African American Christian Fiction when her first novel, Church Folk, was published. She continued to delight her readers with down-home, funny, uplifting, and heartwarming novels like Second Sunday, Holy Ghost Corner, Up at the College, and More Church Folk.
Now, she will reach out to readers with a brand new three-part novel series called "The Pastor’s Aide Club." Pastor Needs A Boo, the first novel in the series finally answers all of the questions readers have had about Pastor-FBI Agent, Rev. Denzelle Flowers.
But don’t worry, the other two novels in "The Pastor’s Aide Club" series, Praying Like Crazy and The Sunday Soul Singles Club, are sure to ‘set to rest’ questions readers have had about Charles Robinson and Veronica Washington, along with Charles’ employee, Bay Bowser. When readers finish having some serious laughter-filled ‘shaking my head’ moments from Pastor Needs A Boo, they will definitely be ready for a second and third helping of ‘Miss Michele’s contemporary church folk’ with Praying Like Crazy and The Sunday Soul Singles Club.

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