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Signal Airship

In the tradition of Honor Harrington and the high-flying Temeraire series, Robyn Bennis’s Signal Airship series is an adventurous military fantasy about a nation’s first female airship captain taking on claptrap airships, foppish spies, dismissive soldiers, and enemies in the skies with plenty of wit, bravado, and cannon-shot.

Books in this Series

The Guns Above

The Guns Above

Signal Airship (Volume 1)
Robyn Bennis

Robyn Bennis’s THE GUNS ABOVE is an adventurous military fantasy debut about a nation's first female airship captain.

They say it’s not the fall that kills...

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Available 04/17/2018


About the author

Robyn Bennis

ROBYN BENNIS works in biotech but dreams of airships. She lives in Mountain View, CA, within sight of the historic Hangar One at Moffett Airfield. She is the author of the Signal Airship series, The Guns Above and By Fire Above.