The Bounceback


L. X. Beckett

About this Series

L. X. Beckett offers up a new spin on near-future science fiction in this series set on a high-tech Earth that has clawed its way back from environmental collapse and is now on the brink of a technological revolution.

Rubi Whiting is part of the Bounceback Generation, the first raised in the stable wake of the twenty-first century’s ecological and economic disasters and subsequent restorations. A newly-minted lawyer, Rubi’s first client is the controversial firebrand Luciano Pox, who may be a human hacker mastermind, a rogue AI, a manifestation of the singularity, or even an alien scout scoping out the solar system’s real estate. Whatever he is could have profound consequences in the hyper-realistic virtual reality world where Rubi is a celebrity gamer, and in the real world, which is about to exponentially expand its horizons.


“Packed with cool ideas, psychological intrigue, political conspiracy, and hard-won hope.” –Annalee Newitz, author of Autonomous, on Gamechanger

“This delightful pinball machine of a book recalls the whiz-bang joy and gleeful innovation of Neal Stephenson’s Snow Crash.” —Publishers Weekly, starred review of Gamechanger

About the Author

About the Author