The Remnant Chronicles


Mary E. Pearson, Kate O'Hara

About this Series

Mary E. Pearson’s young adult series, The Remnant Chronicles, focuses on Lia, a princess who’s determined to change her preordained fate. Born into a highly traditional society, Lia decides to run away from home and an arranged marriage in The Kiss of Deception.While on the run, she encounters the prince she was promised to and an assassin who’s been sent to kill her. The three become bonded as they explore new kingdoms and meet new friends and enemies all while Lia wrestles with love, her loyalties to her home country, and tries to forge her own destiny.
“Packs a wallop . . . solid and absorbing high fantasy, with a sudden breathless hook to the next installment.” —Kirkus Reviews on the New York Times bestselling The Heart of Betrayal

About the Author

About the Author