The Revival Series


Michael C. Grumley, Scott Brick

About this Series

In the Revival series of thrillers by Michael C. Grumley, the bestselling author of Breakthrough, we are propelled into the near-future, where everything is familiar, but nothing as it seems.

When Army veteran John Reiff’s life comins to an end, extinguished in the sudden rush of frigid water, there was no expectation of survival. None. Let alone waking up beneath blinding hospital lights. Struggling to move, or see, or even breathe. But the doctors assure him that everything is normal. That things will improve. What they haven’t told him… is that he is the first person to be successfully revived from a cryonic sleep.

From the very beginning, the only true constant in life…was death. Until now. But even scientific miracles come with a cost. The question now is…who will pay for the price for immortality?

About the Author

About the Author