The Viscount of Adrilankha


Steven Brust

About this Series

Journeys, intrigues, sword fights, young and old characters having adventures, quests and battles, snappy dialogue, lavish food, and the missing heir to the Imperial Throne! This swashbuckling, extravagant series has everything an old-fashioned adventure story needs–told at a twenty-first-century pace.

As Neil Gaiman says, “Delightful, exciting and sometimes brilliant, Steven Brust is the latest in a line of great Hungarian writers, which (I have no doubt) includes Alexandre Dumas, C. S. Forester, Mark Twain, and the author of the juiciest bits of the Old Testament.”

The Viscount of Adrilankha series is set in the world of Dragaera–later the home of Vlad Taltos–and follows the first two Khaavren Romances: The Phoenix Guards and Five Hundred Years After.

About the Author

About the Author