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Erosion Terry Tempest Williams


October 1, 2019 - January 30, 2020

Meet award-winning author, naturalist, and activist Terry Tempest Williams (The Hour of Land, When Women Were Birds) as she discusses her latest collection of urgent reflections on the state of American deserts and environmentalism, Erosion: Essays of Undoing.

The Dolphin Letters, 1970-1979

The Dolphin Letters

January 30, 2020

Join poet and editor Saskia Hamilton as she discusses her work editing The Dolphin Letters, 1970-1979: Elizabeth Hardwick, Robert Lowell, and Their Circle.

Survival Is a Style Christian Wiman

Survival Is a Style

February 4, 2020

Meet award-winning author and poet Christian Wiman as he introduces his latest collection of poetry, Survival Is a Style.

Pale Colors in a Tall Field Carl Phillips

Pale Colors in a Tall Field

February 12, 2020

Meet award-winning, critically acclaimed poet and National Book Award finalist Carl Phillips as he reads from and discusses his latest collection of poems, Pale Colors in a Tall Field.

If Men, Then Eliza Griswold

If Men, Then

February 13, 2020

Meet Pulitzer Prize-winning author Eliza Griswold (Amity and Prosperity) as she introduces her latest collection of poetry, If Men, Then.

Living Weapon Rowan Ricardo Phillips

Living Weapon

February 13, 2020

Meet award-winning poet Rowan Ricardo Phillips as he introduces his latest collection of poetry, Living Weapon.

The Electric Hotel

The Electric Hotel

February 15, 2020

Meet New York Times bestselling author Dominic Smith as he discusses his latest historical novel, set in the early years of cinema: The Electric Hotel.

Dawson's Fall Roxana Robinson

Dawson’s Fall

February 15-18, 2020

Meet novelist and memoirist Roxana Robinson as she discusses her semi-biographical Reconstruction-era historical novel, Dawson’s Fall.

Indelicacy Amina Cain


February 11-19, 2020

Meet short story writer Amina Cain as she introduces Indelicacy, her debut novel of gender roles, privilege, and the evolution of an artist.

The American People: Volume 2 Larry Kramer

The American People: Volume 2

February 26, 2020

Meet Larry Kramer, renowned playwright, author, and founder of ACT UP, as he introduces The American People, Volume 2: The Brutality of Fact, the second half of his epic re-telling of American history, revised and re-invented to focus on little-known facts, possibilities, and conjectures.

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