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The Structure of Language

Rachel Grenon

Bloomsbury USA

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ISBN10: 0802743587
ISBN13: 9780802743589


64 Pages



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In the ancient scholarly curriculum, grammar formed part of the Trivium, with its sister sciences of logic and rhetoric. Logic asks: When is a sentence true? Rhetoric asks: Which is the right sentence? Grammar purely asks: When is a sentence correct? In Grammar, Rachel Grenon defines the rules governing the construction of words, phrases, sentences, and extended text or speech. Beginning with the rules behind ancient languages such as Sanskrit and Greek, she then focuses on how the rules of English have developed from nouns and pronouns, verbs and adverbs, to tenses, the passive voice, questions, imperatives, and much more. With diagrams, engravings, and witty cartoon illustrations, this original take on a classic subject is essential for anyone interested in language.

About the author

Rachel Grenon

Rachel Grenon is a freelance writer, translator, and editor. She holds a master's degree in French cultural studies from Columbia University, and has also studied Latin, Spanish, Italian, and German. A native Texan, Rachel now lives outside Cambridge, England, with her husband, Pierre, and their four children.