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Panic Attack

Young Radicals in the Age of Trump

Robby Soave

All Points Books

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ISBN10: 1250169887
ISBN13: 9781250169884


336 Pages



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Since the 2016 election, college campuses have erupted in violent protests, demands for safe spaces, and the silencing of views that activist groups find disagreeable. Who are the leaders behind these protests, and what do they want? In Panic Attack, libertarian journalist Robby Soave answers these questions by profiling young radicals from across the political spectrum.

Millennial activism has risen to new heights in the age of Trump. Although Soave may not personally agree with their motivations and goals, he takes their ideas seriously, approaching his interviews with a mixture of respect and healthy skepticism. The result is a faithful cross-section of today's radical youth, which will appeal to libertarians, conservatives, centrist liberals, and anyone who is alarmed by the trampling of free speech and due process in the name of social justice.


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— ONE —


The Women’s March came to Washington, D.C., on January 21, 2017, the day after Trump’s inauguration. Its purpose was to call attention to the incoming president’s history of appalling behavior...

About the author

Robby Soave

Robby Soave is an associate editor at His commentary on Rolling Stone's reporting on sexual assault at the University of Virginia won him a 2015 Southern California Journalism Award. A columnist for The Daily Beast, his writing has appeared in The New York Times, New York Post, CNN, USA Today, and Newsweek. He was named in Forbes' 2016 "30 Under 30" list for law and policy. He is a regular guest on Fox News, CNN, and syndicated radio programs.

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