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The Willows and Beyond

Tales of the Willows

Author: William Horwood, illustrated by Patrick Benson

The Willows and Beyond

The Willows and Beyond


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William Horwood is the author of the acclaimed Duncton trilogies. Patrick Benson studied at the Chelsea Art School and St. Martin's School of Art. Both live in England.

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St. Martin's Griffin



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“With its humor, tenderness, suspense, and happy ending...[Toad Triumphant is] a pleasant story and a good read.” —The Christian Science Monitor

“The old characters pop back to life as you begin reading.” —The New York Times

“Faithful to the original...Festive...A winsome winner.” —Chicago Tribune

The Willows in Winter transports us back to the familiar rivery world almost as authoritatively-and entertainingly-as a sequel by Grahame himself.” —The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

“Patrick Benson's crosshatched illustrations seem to have been lovingly guided by the hand of Ernest Shepard, whose 1931 drawings of The Wind in the Willows continue to transport young readers to meadow, riverbank, and wild wood.” —The Plain Dealer (Cleveland)

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The Willows and Beyond

The Willows and Beyond