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The Tengu's Game of Go

The Tengu's Game of Go

Book 4 in the Tale of Shikanoko

The Tale of Shikanoko series (Volume 4)

Lian Hearn

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An epic four-volume adventure in mythical medieval Japan: a world of warriors and assassins, demons and spirits

In The Tengu’s Game of Go, the final book of Lian Hearn's epic Tale of Shikanoko--all of which will be published in 2016--the rightful emperor is lost; illness and murder give rise to suspicions and make enemies of allies. Unrest rules the country. Only Shika can end the madness by returning the Lotus Throne to its rightful ruler.

As destiny weaves its rich tapestry, a compelling drama plays out against a background of wild forests, elegant castles, hidden temples, and savage battlefields. This is the medieval Japan of Lian Hearn's imagination, where animal spirits clash with warriors and children navigate a landscape as serene as it is deadly.

"Expect graphic violence, fairy-tale magic, flights of comedy, and operatic melodrama but also genuine intimacy and tragedy." - Kirkus Reviews

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The Tale of Shikanoko, Book 4: The Tengu's Game of Go




“Yoshimori has been found?” For years Lord Aritomo had both dreaded and longed for this news. Until he saw Yoshimori’s corpse with his own eyes he would never feel...

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Lian Hearn

Lian Hearn is the pseudonym of a writer--born in England, educated at Oxford, currently living in Australia--who has a lifelong interest in Japan, has lived there, and studies Japanese. She is the author of the bestselling series Tales of the Otori.