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Animal Crackers

Animal Crackers

Animal Crackers

written by Scott Christian Sava; illustrated by Alison Acton

First Second


Nook, Fixed Layout


First Second

First Second


ISBN: 9781250157324

112 Pages, Ages 7-11

It was supposed to an exciting, yet normal trip to the circus.

Dangerous stunts, flying acrobats, and even the clowns Uncle Doug hated so much—Owen is itching to see all of it. But when his little sister Zoe, a self-proclaimed animal whisperer, accuses the ringmaster of mistreating the circus animals, the last thing Owen has time to do is to watch the show! With the help of some magical animal crackers that can transform him into a bear, a hippo, or even a hamster, Owen sets out to rescue his kidnapped uncle and sister from the hands of the scheming ringmaster and his circus lackeys.

About the author

written by Scott Christian Sava; illustrated by Alison Acton

Scott Christian Sava's work has brought some of the world's most beloved characters to life through film, television, comics, and games. In 2000 he founded Blue Dream Studios, which has produced work for Star Wars, X-Files, Alien vs. Predator, Spider-Man, and other franchises, in addition to creating its own original content. Animal Crackers is the studio's first feature film.

Alison Acton is a comic and concept artist from Ottawa, Canada, and one half of Studio Dooomcat. Her background is in traditional animation and she currently works from home as an illustrator and apparel designer. She has three small boys, and thus spends most of her days hiding in the office hoping for quiet, and stepping on Lego.

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