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The Dare Sisters: Shipwrecked

The Dare Sisters: Shipwrecked

Jess Rinker



The Goonies meets Book Scavenger in the second book of this middle grade duology about three sisters hunting for Blackbeard’s legendary treasure!

Savannah Dare has taken up the mantle of treasure hunter, passed down by her grandfather—and she’s recruited her two sisters to join the crew!

But it turns out there’s a reason Blackbeard’s treasure has been missing for centuries. Most of Savannah’s neighbors think it doesn’t even exist. But the sisters have a key—a literal, golden, jewel-encrusted key—and they’re determined to find what it unlocks with the help of clues and puzzles their grandfather left behind.

Their voyage of discovery leads them to a trove of family secrets and betrayals, and soon Savannah has to ask herself what price she’s willing to pay in return for the ultimate prize.

An Imprint Book

Jess Rinker

Jess Rinker always wanted to find treasure as a child. In the woods or on the beach, she was always hunting for something, and when she first visited the Outer Banks of North Carolina at fourteen, she discovered the incredible history there was a treasure in itself. She could never be a pirate because she gets seasick, but writing about pirates has been quite fun. She’s now a children’s author and writing teacher, and she still searches for treasures. She is the author of The Dare Sisters and The Dare Sisters: Shipwrecked.

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