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Witch Queen of Redwinter

The Redwinter Chronicles (Volume 3)

Author: Ed McDonald

Witch Queen of Redwinter

Witch Queen of Redwinter

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Praise for Traitor of Redwinter:

“Filled with action, suspense, and magic… a nuanced, complex story.”—Library Journal

Praise for Daughter of Redwinter:

“A complex backdrop of culture, magic and characters... Go buy it.”—Robin Hobb

“Uncommonly vivid and vigorous sword and sorcery… McDonald makes familiar story and character beats come alive with imagination and energy.”—Publishers Weekly, starred review

Daughter of Redwinter has it all: enigmatic characters, shady politics, secret cults, ancient evils, and a young woman grappling with her own shattered identity while navigating a world in which no one is quite what they seem.”—Nicholas Eames, author of Kings of the Wyld

Daughter of Redwinter is so good…I was hooked from the brilliant opening line.”—James Barclay, author of The Chronicles of the Raven series

“McDonald’s medieval fantasy world feels lived-in, with a robust history, an intricate magic system, and a host of fascinating characters, but Raine herself—vulnerable but fierce, direct, and almost ruthlessly practical—is the heart of this memorable story.”—Booklist

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Witch Queen of Redwinter

Witch Queen of Redwinter