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Island Book

Island Book

Island Book (Volume 1)

Evan Dahm

First Second



Set sail with Island Book, Evan Dahm's epic graphic novel about friendship, teamwork, and the wisdom we gain when we face the unknown with bravery and an open heart.

Sola is cursed. (At least, that’s what everyone tells her.) It all started the day the Monster came to the island. While others fled, Sola stood before the creature, alone and unafraid. Since then she’s been treated like an outcast.

Shamed and feared for an event she doesn’t understand, Sola sets out to sea looking for answers. In uncharted waters far from home, she discovers that her island isn’t alone in the endless ocean—and the Monster isn’t the only life to be found there.

Praise for Island Book

"Island Book is aimed at middle-grade readers and will hopefully unlock new worlds and exciting adventures. With a rich bibliography already available, Dahm is an ideal author for young readers to get hooked on." —Paste

"Using polished, sure storytelling skills, Dahm offers shipwrecks, battles, and unflagging action." —Publishers Weekly


Reviews from Goodreads

Evan Dahm

Since 2006, Evan Dahm has been creating and self-publishing comics online and in print, including the fantasy-adventure graphic novels Rice Boy and Order of Tales, and the Ignatz-award-winning fantasy-biographical epic Vattu. Island Book is his first graphic novel made with a publisher.

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Credit: Evan Dahm

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